Sunday, December 28, 2008

Oh Eight, Over

An un-precedented year, in many a ways!

And with more negatives to it's credit, '08 seems to have made us all poorer overall. If some financial pundits are to be believed, we may be looking at one of the worst financial meltdowns after the Great Depression and no wonder institutions of the like of Lehman Brothers disappear overnight these days. India participated in and mirrored the global meltdown with India's barometer, the Sensex, clocking an unprecedented fall. India was also plagued by a host of other internal disturbances, ranging from local bombings across India (Bangalore, Jaipur, Delhi ..) to the terrorist attacks in Mumbai and attacks against Christians and Muslims in select pockets; events were more of the shameful nature this year around and are not worthy to reflect upon or go over ...

India's first individual Olympic Gold, courtesy Abhinav Bindra and US's new President Barack Obama are two pleasant exceptions to an otherwise disappointing year.

I am happy, '08 is getting over.

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