Tuesday, December 23, 2008

It's Christmas!

Given the holiday season, things are comparatively light on the work front and the mood overall is one of relaxing and fun. Chill is in the air in Bangalore these days and that saves a trip to Ooty or Kodai, :-). Most of the shops, hotels and malls are decorated with fancy lights, Christmas trees et al and that definitely adds to the mood of the season.

Speaking of which, a large, splendid Christmas Tree in Leela Palace, Bangalore deserves mention. Around 30 feet high (three floors tall), it looks splendid and stunning in the night. Not seen like this one before.

Looks good.

I gather, it is listed among the best ten Christmas Trees in India, this year. We paid a visit to the place and my daughter seemed 'wow'ed. Many thanks to Leela.

Feels good.

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