Saturday, July 19, 2008

Go Nuclear!

Things are hotting up for the vote of confidence on the current Indian government. Though it seemed incredible when Congress and Left initially announced their plans to gobble together a government after the last general elections, it worked and in hindsight it was a good thing for India. We had a decent government run by Dr. Manmohan Singh. Singh meant business every single day of his government in office and the stability his government provided was something India definitely benefitted from.

And I don't like it when a good government is willing to risk it's life on a single issue, this time signing of the nuclear deal; I just love it. I love it because it shows the Govt has a strong opinion (i have trust in the checks and balances in place with the Indian government machinery and if this has come to this level in a government headed by Dr. Singh i would take for granted the minimum due diligence required to be done) about something that matters and are willing to pay a price for it. And I am sure on an issue and on a topic, that is really worth it. Which other government in India's 60 years of democarcy has staked it's existence on a policy/issue that is worth it? Very rarely we see people in India take a position. We seriously lack conviction (about anything). And less said about people in public polity, the better. All matters of public interest are always discussed to death and eventually conveniently forgotten when a new hot topic emerges on the scene. All Talking, No Doing. So kudos to Dr. Singh, Ms. Sonia and the Congress Party for taking a position on something and willing to go the whole hog with it. And I think, it will be sad if the Govt. falls on this issue.

Where I think the present government failed miserably is sharing with the people of India, it's reasoning for the going-ahead with the deal. Inspite of having the whole government PR in it's control and in today's world of ultra-communications, the government really messed up with a golden opportunity to connect and communicate with the people of India. And if properly done, it could have also been a great way to cheer the average Indian who is otherwise caught up in the
'high inflation-high interest rates-slowing growth' morass. Because, when today is really screwed-up, the best bet is to talk about tomorrow. And the nuclear deal is about paying a price/sacrificing today, for tomorrow.

Two good links that I came across, on the deal. While the one from Mr. V.R. Krishna Iyer raises some good questions (otherwise I think the article is un-favourably biased against the deal as we should expect!), the one from Mr. N. Ravi is a very practical piece (very important since it comes from the The Hindu whose left leanings even my little daughter knows). For me, I agree with Mr. Ravi while I would have liked to have answers for the all questions Mr. Krishna Iyer and others are raising.

A betrayal of India’s constitutional vision: V.R. Krishna Iyer

Missing the wood for the trees: N. Ravi

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