Thursday, July 31, 2008

Can't fathom!

As is to be expected, the suddenly-tightened security checks are slowly getting relaxed and things are back to normal. The so-called 'low-intensity' bomb blasts in Bangalore and Ahmadabad will be remembered just as another of those incidents that we have now come to expect every once in a while. But the lives of people who lost their dear ones and the "lucky" ones who managed to escape with injuries, will never be the same again. And for no fault of theirs. Above, a snap of one of the sites, couple of days after the event; a ramshackle bus-stand near Madiwala.

I really wonder, what is the motivation for bomb blasts, terrorist attacks or for that matter, any of these intentional acts of violence on the public? What do the perpetrators gain by creating panic among the general public and stealing a life or two in the process? See who lost her life in the Bangalore blast! A poor lady who was escorting her husband to Bangalore for his medical check-up. It is learnt, doctor advised immediate admission but they did not have enough money to get admitted in the hospital, so they were waiting for a bus to go back to their home town to borrow some money. Alas!!!

I just hope, who ever is behind this act of violence and those that are planning future ones, will stop, think for a moment and realize the futility of all these. Let there not be another such sad event!

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