Friday, December 4, 2009

Kerala Cafe

A novel experiment in Malayalam cinema. If you have not seen it, I would recommend watching. (

A good anthology of 10 stories all claimed to be connected by the common theme of journeys. While the anthology in itself was good, the connection was very feeble if any. Some characters in these stories who share nothing else otherwise in terms of their profile, circumstances or role in the movie spending some time in the Café is hardly a connection in my opinion. And in one case, it was just a phone call to somebody working in the café. But that apart, the individual movies themselves had existences of their own and done well.

Below is my ranking of the 10: 

1. Lalitham Hiranmayam
2. Makal
3. Aviramam
4. Bridge
5. Island Express
6. Puram Kazhchakal
7. Nostalgia
8. Happy Journey
9. Off Season
10. Mruthunjayam

BTW, I feel like watching the movie again. The movie is personally special to me in that this was the first movie in a theater for my daughter.

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